The Year of Autonomy January – December 2017


Vision of the Year of Autonomy

The 2017 Year of Autonomy aims to  bring together innovators and users of autonomous and robotic systems from across marine, land and air  to address key challenges and share learning. With the aim of developing cross sector collaboration


  • Improve industry access to information on cross-sector challenge areas
  • Shared understanding of research base and industry approaches to issues they have in common across the autonomy landscape
  • Development of cross-sector industry collaborative projects and programmes
  • Engage funders and key stakeholders on the key challenge areas
  • Create a recognised South Coast Cluster of Excellence for Autonomy


  • Five Workshops on the common Key Challenge Areas
  • Develop a roadmap of capabilities and challenge areas
  • Funding
  • Engage Funders (Traditional and User community)
  • Horizon scan funding landscape for opportunities


In order to ensure that all workshop sessions are effective we will ask short qualifying questions at registration stage to ensure that those attending are interested and have an understanding in the topic area being discussed.

Workshop Themes 

Collaborative Autonomy Hosted by Qinetiq

Report of The Event Click Here


Regulation Hosted by SMMI 

Report of The Event  click here 


  • Current initiatives to shape future regulations Tony Gillespie UCL click here 
  • Driverless Cars Ian Stock KTN click here 
  • Marine Autonomous Regulations James Fanshaw CBE MASWRG click here
  • Rail Technical Strategy Piraba Navaratnam RSSB click here 
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Bryan Stanilas ARPAS ckick here 

Risk and Reliability Hosted by University of Portsmouth 

Report of The Event click here 

As the technology behind autonomy gathers pace it is vital that we have a good understanding of the risks and reliability associated with these systems.

This workshop looks at areas such as:

  • Testing and Standards
  • Safety
  • Probability of mission success
  • Fault analysis and diagnosis
  • Maintenance

This workshop brings together key experts from different sectors in air, land and sea to:

  • Explore the interaction between the art of the possible and the practicalities of what should be achieved
  • Identify common challenges and establish where opportunities lie for shared learning and best practice.

Energy Management hosted by Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Plymouth Marine Institute 

Host by Plymouth 26 October 2017

This workshop will focus on the key challenge area of Energy Management looking at areas such as: 

  • Energy Harvesting
  • Battery / Power Management Systems
  • Power Storage / Docking and Charging


End of Series Round Up Hosted by NOC as part of MATShowcase 2017

15 November 2017 at NOC