NOC Sessions at Ocean Business 2019

National Oceanography Centre Sessions at Ocean Business 2019 

9 &10 April 2019 Seminar room 

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) is the UK’s leading institution for integrated coastal and deep ocean research, and will be showcasing how its cutting-edge scientific research, pioneering technology development and world class facilities can be used to underpin the global ocean industry by helping to solve the big challenges that arise as the world’s economies become increasingly reliant on the ocean.


This year, the NOC’s key aims are to understand the needs of industry, and to demonstrate how the NOC’s science and technology can be used to deliver information that can support industry objectives. Throughout the three days of Ocean Business 2019, the NOC will host a series of seminars highlighting how its work is enabling:


  • developing nations to carry out scientific research into their marine environments and coastlines in an affordable and sustainable way;
  • issues around food security to be addressed;
  • ocean observation using ships, satellites, modelling, and autonomous platforms;
  • advanced seafloor and submarine geohazard monitoring.

Session Times and content will be available shortly 


National Oceanography Centre 

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