LOCATE Workshop

Wednesday 27th September 2017

National Oceanography Centre Southampton

The Conference room level 4 

The transfer of soil organic carbon from land to ocean via rivers, estuaries and coastal water is a key term in the global carbon cycle which we know very little about, but one that we know is increasing and which is linked to land usage patterns and industrial processes. At a local scale it contributes to water quality issues and catchment carbon accounting. For these reasons NERC has recently invested ca 5 million pounds in LOCATE, a programme which aims to estimate land ocean carbon transfers across the whole of Great Britain by sampling the rivers and estuaries draining around 30-50% of GB. The overarching objectives of LOCATE are: to understand the key processes which control these transfers; to determine how they will change into the future and to assist key stakeholders from across the governmental, industrial, academic and NGO sectors; and to understand and manage the factors controlling these transfers.

LOCATE has reached a critical point where the whole GB sampling is close to complete and the process work is being planned. We would like to invite you to a workshop hosted at the NOC in Southampton on September 27th 2017, where we plan to:

  1. Present the preliminary results of the whole GB sampling
  2. Seek your input regarding the process work planned for 2018-19
  3. Build partnerships with non-LOCATE groups focussed on land ocean carbon transfers.

For more information on the project visit http://locate.ac.uk

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Arrivals & Coffee

12:00 – 12:15

Welcome – LOCATE Overview and Objectives of the day

12:15 – 12:45

Introductions by workshop participants, including brief statements by attendees of what you hope to obtain from the day (PPT slides are welcome)

12:45 – 13:00

Brief introduction to Posters


Lunch and Poster Session


LOCATE WP 1 Overview – Broad-scale variability of terrigenous organic matter (tOM) fluxes


LOCATE WP2 Overview – Examining the processes that remove organic matter across the estuarine gradient


LOCATE WP3 Overview – Scenario-based modelling of tOM land-ocean exchange


LOCATE Technology Overview


Coffee and Round Table Discussion Groups

Suggested areas of discussion:

  • The role of the LOCATE survey in UK carbon accounting,
  • Key processes – what do we need to know and how can we measure them,
  • Technology: requirements and solutions,
  • Modelling: translating academic insight into real world solutions


Report back from group discussions


Concluding remarks and further actions